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Giveaways and Sweepstakes – Magazine Sweeps and Prizes. Find the Horseshoe Sweepstakes June 2021. Find the Horseshoe Sweepstakes May 2021. Find the Horseshoe Sweepstakes April 2021. Find the Horseshoe Sweepstakes March 2021. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below. Find the Horseshoe Sweepstakes January February 20. Country Living- Makeover My Home Sweepstakes. Menu. Home Contests. Instant Win Games Daily My Saved Posts One Entry Unlimited Weekly 10 entries 20 entries Monthly Other Close Coupons. … The Wish Come True Sweepstakes win a $250,000 home makeover plus monthly $1000 and $100 winners. Mar 25 12 45 pm. Last 10 Contests Posted. Feel … Why Enter Home Makeover Sweepstakes? If you own a home, there s always something you want to add, replace, or update. Renovations not only make living in your home more enjoyable, but they also give you more financial stability by increasing the value of your home. Ironically, though, your finances might be holding you back from making those … Register for the 2021 Makeover Takeover Renovation Summit. We ve teamed up with Good Housekeeping for two days of FREE virtual workshops! Mark your calendars for May 12-13. Calling all home renovation enthusiasts, weekend DIY-ers, and paint project-tacklers! Whether you re taking on a full fixer upper or just making a small room upgrade, we … It doesn t matter if someone is reaching out to your brand specifically. When people ask a question publicly on Twitter, they re inviting responses from anyone who is available for conversation. PROFESSION YEARS TO EARN $1M YEARS TO SAVE $1M Architect – $64,000 16 years to earn 156 years to save Auto Mechanic – $34,000 30 years 294 years Bartender – $16,000 61 years 625 years Carpenter – $37,000 27 years 270 years Software Engineer – $80,000 13 years 125 years Secretary – $38,000 27 years 263 years Hairdresser – $22,000 47 years 454 years Teacher – $46,000 22 years 217 years Pharmacist – $95,000 11 years 105 years Police Officer – $48,000 21 years 208 years Physical Therapist – $66,000 15 years 152 years Veterinarian – $72,000 14 years 139 years JOB Your Intrinsic Value Annual Salary Here is what you can discover from your analytics program Number of people who visit your content Your analytics program lists how many people visit on a given day, week, month, or even hour. This information enables you to pinpoint traffic trends. Knowing the most popular times of the day or week for readers can help you plan content and sales campaigns. Your most popular content Your analytics program offers a rundown of how many people read your pages, letting you know which content went over well and what people weren t interested in reading. Bounce rate The bounce rate is the amount of time people spend on a page. A high bounce rate means people leave your site quickly, and a low rate means folks are staying for a while and consuming your content. If you have a high bounce rate, you want to work on having the kind of blog and content people want to read. Keywords and search terms You need to know who s visiting your blog and why. Your analytics program can show you which keywords people are searching for through search engines before landing on your site. When you know these often-used keywords, you can use them in your content to attract even more readers. Response to advertisements and sales pages Many analytics have heat maps, which allow you to see specifically where most people are spending their time on each page. As a result, you can place ads in the right spots and see whether folks are reading and reacting to your sales pages. Top traffic referrers Your analytics program shows you whether your Twitter or Facebook campaign is working. In fact, if anyone is sharing or talking about your content, you can follow the trail using your analytics program. Page views You can discover how many people read a page and move on to read more pages, or leave after reading only one page. Page views are different from bounce rates in that page views tell how many individual pages each person spends time on at your blog or website, and bounce rates tell you only how long someone stays on your website before leaving. Whether your content is driving sales Your analytics program shows you whether your content is leading folks to sales pages and how many people are taking action on those pages. We may have conquered space, but we have not learned to conquer our own primeval instincts and emotions that were necessary for our survival in the Stone Age, not in the space age. 2