facebook stock giveaway meme

Find the latest Facebook, Inc. FB stock quote, history, news and other vital information to help you with your stock trading and investing. The persisting hoax that Facebook s Mark Zuckerberg will give away millions of shares of company stock to people for copying and pasting a message to their profiles has generated sarcastic memes. Stock Meme Collection. 396 likes 1 talking about this. We had a rough day in the market, the only cure is funny, slightly offensive memes. Please help! Robinhood Markets Inc. basically created meme stocks. Now the popular trading app is warning investors that it could become one. The reason — outlined in its initial public offering prospectus … None The Tidal Wave of Compound Interest Like a tidal wave far out to sea, compound interest s strength isn t visible until it moves near land. As the wave approaches land, its force becomes incredibly powerful. Slowlaners ride the compound interest tidal wave a million miles out at sea. And guess what-nothing happens. They float aimlessly, going nowhere. Ten percent interest on $5,000 doesn t make millionaires. Saving $200 a month from your paycheck in a 3 savings account isn t going to make you rich fast. You simply can t ride a wave miles out at sea. 5 Advertising research is full of fads. In the sixties we saw Eye Cameras, Latin Squares, Facturals, Randomized Blocks, Greco-Latin Squares. Some of them were useful, but all went out of fashion. For example, say the social media manager for a rainwear company is making the rounds on Twitter. While looking at the different conversations, she notices someone asking what the weather will be like. This is a great opening for a raingear company. The social media manager can respond with a weather report. If there s room, she can also tweet, I know where you can get a great raincoat if you need one! Here s another example A company selling cold-weather gear notices a certain area is going to receive a significant amount of snow. The social media manager can send a tweet reminding people snow is coming and offer a discount code for snow boots. Not surprisingly, the first question most Interruption Marketers ask when they hear about Permission Marketing is, How do you get people to sign up? Because they were trained in the art of getting momentary reactions from large numbers of people, this part of the process is the most familiar to them.