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14. Like, Tag, and Share Facebook Giveaway Example. For this Facebook giveaway example, users were asked to like the post, tag a friend in the comments, and share the post to enter. Since we already know that requiring likes and shares is a grey area for Facebook giveaway campaigns, you should probably look for an alternative solution. If you have heard that doing a Facebook giveaway is a great way to get more email subscribers and followers, then you heard right. What I am going to share with you today goes beyond just theory. I ve run several contests on Facebook and gone through the trenches to learn how to do a giveaway on Facebook properly. Step 1 Design your Facebook Share Contest. First thing s first you need a Facebook contest for people to share. My recommendation is to use a third-party Facebook contest app, as the templates and backend stuff makes it far simpler than having to talk to your website admin or a developer. Step 8 Post Your Like and Share Contest on Facebook. With your landing page setup, you need to post your like and share contest on Facebook. This step is super-easy. All you need to do is create a new Facebook post and paste the URL for your giveaway landing page with instructions for people to click the link to enter. Looking to run a giveaway on Facebook? A Facebook giveaway is the easiest way to generate leads and grow your following on social media. In fact, a Facebook giveaway is one of the only remaining ways to generate leads on social media the other being paid advertising.. Sure you could pay to send traffic to your website but there s no guarantee it will result in sales. One of my clients was persuaded that his company s symbol was too old-fashioned and paid a fancy firm $75,000 to design a new one. At the unveiling I whispered to one of the Vice-Presidents, A tyro in our art department could have designed a better symbol for $75. No doubt, he replied, but we would have argued it to death. Sometimes these blind spots don t matter. When we ask Google Maps for directions, it models the world as a series of roads, tunnels, and bridges. It ignores the buildings, because they aren t relevant to the task. When avionics software guides an airplane, it models the wind, the speed of the plane, and the landing strip below, but not the streets, tunnels, buildings, and people. Always ask which statistics a publisher provides to verify the results of your ads. Some confirm impressions, as well as clicks or other actions check against your own analytics program some provide only impressions and some publishers can t or won t provide either one. O ne of the most frequent questions we get when we engage with companies large and small is, Where do we find the stories? John Caples famous direct-mail advertisement for the U.S. School of Musk deployed story-appeal at its most effective.