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Act now to secure your Virginia Beach Vacation reservations sponsored by Gold Key Resorts while we have space available at this special promotional rate, including your beachfront hotel lodging, hotel taxes and your $50 in Sand Dollars for Dining, Shopping or Fun! Act now and save. There is a limited amount of sponsored inventory available at … With business totaling nearly $1 billion, Gold Key PHR has been an industry leader for more than 30 years with development, management and operating expertise in hospitality, commercial real estate, residential real estate and food beverage. Our Story. Cavalier Marriott Virginia Beach–In-Room Video from Otto Design Marketing on Vimeo. Play. Gold Key Vacations offers the best value on oceanfront accommodations in Virginia Beach. Book a vacation through Gold Key and save up to 60 off retail rates. Our packages include an incredible selection of oceanfront hotels and resorts, a special gift during your stay as well as an exclusive insiders preview of the new $200 million Ocean Beach Club Resort. In fact we are the leading hospitality company in Virginia Beach with more than 1,500 associates serving the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area. We offer an array of exciting careers and summer jobs. We are looking for dedicated associates who are motivated to achieve high levels of success, deliver exceptional customer service and be rewarded for … Gold Key Vacations is a premier vacation choice in Virginia Beach, Virginia. With four properties in the area, Gold Key Resorts is a great choice for vacationing. The resorts include Ocean Beach Club Resort, Boardwalk Resort and Villas, Turtle Cay Resort, and Beach Quarters Resort. On the average, headlines below the illustration are read by 10 per cent more people than headlines above the illustration. You may not think the difference worth writing about, but consider the fact that 10 per cent of, say, 20,000,000 readers is two million. Not to be sneezed at. Yet in 59 per cent of magazine advertisements the headlines are above. WMDs, by contrast, tend to favor efficiency. By their very nature, they feed on data that can be measured and counted. But fairness is squishy and hard to quantify. It is a concept. And computers, for all of their advances in language and logic, still struggle mightily with concepts. They understand beauty only as a word associated with the Grand Canyon, ocean sunsets, and grooming tips in Vogue magazine. They try in vain to measure friendship by counting likes and connections on Facebook. And the concept of fairness utterly escapes them. Programmers don t know how to code for it, and few of their bosses ask them to. If you sit around and ask yourself these types of questions, you ll likely end in the failure category because these dialogues expose your preoccupation with money, and not needs or value. Lebron James gets paid to play basketball because he is good. One of the many destinations of the Fastlane is to remove the confirmation of money from your do what you love activity. Fastlane success means I could play basketball seven days a week. I can play video games all day. I don t need to get paid to do what I love because I can now do it for FREE. detrimental effects from