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In today s video, I announce a new giveaway for a SILVER HEADDRESS that ends at 15,000 Subscribers! Follow the instructions listed in the video to enter!Extr… Hey everyone! That s right, a headdress giveaway! Omg!!! To be entered, all you have to do is like, subscribe, and comment your username and status in the co… Hello darkness my old.. oh hey there! Didnt see you there, welcome to the description D All you have to do for the giveaway issss 1. Subscribe2. Turn notif… Rebel Headdress. December 25, 2020 . Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! May your day be as festive and joyful as these wonderful photos of Santa with his tiny unicorn friends . photos by Nauecho Melton thank you for sharing these adorably happy pictures with us! 4. Zero Waste Mystery Box Giveaway. We love giving away our beautiful unpaper towels. So enter to have a chance to receive a large zero waste mystery box for FREE! Follow all onscreen instructions to complete and submit the online entry form. more category Home Decor. value $96.00. open to US and Canada Only. I m writing to you now because something has happened that has my head all messed up. I know that you re on hiatus, like your daddy said, but what I m telling you is burning a hole in my pocket. I got to tell it to somebody, and Georgia, the only person I trust with it is you. Plum Organics has also invested heavily in building relationships with the influential moms and dads who have their own platforms and communities, where they share their own genuine stories and experiences. Working with these influencers gave them permission to explore the deeper, more reflective side of parenting topics in an authentic way. And it provided a means for the company s stories to extend into the communities that matter to their brand. When collections of Moscow Olympic Games silver, gold and platinum coins were sold by direct mail, a mailing which offered only the silver coins led to more sales of the complete collection than a mailing which offered the complete collection itself. Moving on to a more complicated message also in the phone business , how long did it take you to really understand what that whole Friends and Family campaign from MCI was all about? It s generally considered the single most effective ad campaign in the history of long-distance services, but it still took more than $100 million in advertising to drive the point home. We also know that the benefits extend beyond the psychological increased confidence and motivation and into the physiological. In 2004, for example, Cleveland Clinic physiologist Guang Yue wanted to know if merely thinking about lifting weights was enough to increase strength. Study subjects were divided into four groups. One group tried to strengthen their finger muscles with physical exercise one tried to strengthen their finger muscles by only visualizing the exercise another tried to increase arm strength through visualization while the last group did nothing at all. The trial lasted twelve weeks. When it was over, those who did nothing saw no gains. The group that relied on physical training saw the greatest increase in strength at 53 percent. But it s the mental groups where things got curious. Folks who did no physical training but merely imagined their fingers going through precise exercise motions saw a 35 percent increase in strength, while the ones who visualized arm exercises saw a 13.5 percent increase in strength. How tightly are imagination and physiology coupled? Strength is among the most baseline of all performance measures and we humans can get stronger simply by thinking hard about it.