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E-Gift Cards purchased on this website can only be purchased in USD. To purchase a Hollister Co. E-Gift Card click here. You may purchase in amounts of $25. Click here for our shipping and handling rates. E-Gift Cards may be redeemed at Hollisterco.com, or at any Hollister Co. store in the United States or Canada. Gift Cards and E-Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase other Gift Cards or E-Gift Cards The terms and conditions of Gift Cards and E-Gift Cards are governed by the laws of the United States Hollister Co. is not responsible for any customized messages, uploaded videos or photos included with E-Gift Cards and Gift cards. Gift Cards Redeeming. HollisterCo.com, or at any Hollister Co. store location in the United States or Canada.. Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash unless otherwise required by applicable law. To redeem your Gift Card online, enter in the 16 digit account number including PIN in the Gift Card field on step 3 of checkout. To redeem your E-Gift Card online, enter in the 16 digit account number including PIN in the Gift Card field on step 3 of checkout. E-Gift Cards purchased online at Hollisterco.com do not have an expiration date. These terms do not apply to E-Gift Cards received in conjunction with E-Gift Card special events. 1. Visit and Like a complementary business while using Facebook as your Page or by clicking the three dots underneath its cover photo, choosing Like as Your Page… and selecting your company s Page if you re browsing under a personal account . But nothing happened. So how far can we take this? It s a good question, with the we being the most important part. Flow, as Csikszentmihalyi discovered, is ubiquitous. This means that all the superpowers detailed in this first section of the book the fluid brain-wave control exhibited by Laird Hamilton, the deep relationship to the Voice enjoyed by Dean Potter, the near-telepathic prowess of the Red Bull Air Force, and the accelerated path to mastery trod by Shane McConkey are available to any and all. This is who we are and how we re wired. Flow is our birthright. But what do we do with that knowledge? As always, that part is up to us. Now Roy looked at me like I had shared classified information. I held my hands up. Then he turned his eyes to Celestial again and kept them there. At first, I think it was the challenge of it all. He couldn t believe that she had less than no interest in him. Even I was confused. Then, by constantly raising the magnitude of rewards you offer the prospect, you can fight attrition and compression and keep the consumer interested compression is the tendency of rewards to become less effective with repetition . By continuing the dialogue, you can teach the consumer until a stranger becomes a friend and then a friend becomes a customer.