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12 Crafty Christmas Card Holders That Will Make Your Gift Card Much More Thoughtful These quick gifts are even more thoughtful with handmade flair. By Lauren Piro and Katie Bourque DIY Christmas Gift Card Holders You ll Love to Give. If you feel giving gift cards is impersonal add your personal touch with one of these 20 DIY Christmas gift card holders that the recipient will love! I love giving and receiving gift cards for the holidays. If you want my honest opinion, I don t think they are impersonal … Choose the gift card holder shape that you want to make. Download the gift card holder template. Print the template onto regular copy paper and cut it out. Lay the copy paper onto designer cardstock paper and trace around it. Cut the new gift card holder out and fold it as instructed in the original design. Measure I eyeball the measurements when I make these DIY gift card holders, but I took measurements to help you with your first card. Place the gift card over the image to determine the front of the gift card holder. Mark measurements lightly with a pencil to determine your cuts. Add 1 16 inch on either side of the card the top and bottom to give enough space for the card to slide in … Here are a few techniques to incorporate Of course, flow s effects extend beyond profits turned and abilities enhanced. The data Csikszentmihalyi collected was clear. Flow is more than an optimal state of consciousness one where we feel our best and perform our best it also appears to be the only practical answer to the question What is the meaning of life? Flow is what makes life worth living. There are moments that stand out from the chaos of the everyday as shining beacons, wrote Csikszentmihalyi, alongside psychologist Susan Jackson, in Flow in Sports. In many ways, one might say that the whole effort of humankind through millennia of history has been to capture these fleeting moments of fulfillment and make them part of everyday existence. Prize pad test. You give children a pad on which four toys are illustrated, including the one you are advertising, and ask them to circle the toy they would like you to give them. Then, after showing them your commercial, you say that some of the children forgot to put their names on the pad, which is probably true. You hand out new pads and again ask them to circle the toy they want. By comparing the votes, you get a measurement of your commercial s persuasion. After doing this with several toys and several commercials, you can relate your score to the norm. The focus then may well shift toward spotting potential lawbreakers not just neighborhoods or squares on a map but individuals. These preemptive campaigns, already well established in the fight against terrorism, are a breeding ground for WMDs. Ridiculous Media, 121