how to keep track of sweepstakes entries

Review New Sweepstakes Listings Start each day by looking over new sweepstakes listings to see which great contests have recently begun. Enter the one-time sweepstakes from this list every day. If you enter them here, you don t need to keep checking the One Entry Sweepstakes page. Maximum two entries per drawing period per person. FULL RULES. What are your best tips for keeping track of your sweepstakes? GOOD LUCK! Carolyn Wilman aka ContestQueen is the author of You Can t Win If You Don t Enter. She teaches others how to find, organize, enter and win contests, sweepstakes and giveaways. Once you find a sweepstakes from a sweepstakes site save it on my bookmarks or favorites list and next time you want to enter it just go to your list. You should only be using sweepstakes sites to find sweepstakes. From there you should just be going to the sweepstakes or instant win entry form page each time to enter. How to Keep Track of Your Sweepstakes Prizes. The first thing you ll want to track is the date that you won the prize. This will let you calculate when the prize is due in cases when the prize will arrive a certain amount of time after your win, as opposed to after the end of the giveaway . If you are a serious sweepstakes a-holic, then you must devise a way to keep track of all the entries you are sending out. There are as many ways to organize your sweepstakes entries are there are to organize your monthly bills. The key is to find a system that works for you and stick with it. If you are not a computer person, don t worry. The software complexity defeater claims the problem of AGI is simply too difficult for humans, no matter how long we chip away at it. As philosopher Daniel Dennett suggests, we may not possess minds that can understand our own minds. Mankind s intelligence probably isn t the greatest possible. But it might require intelligence greater than our own to fathom our intelligence in full. And so I left the hedge fund in 2009 with the conviction that I would work to fix the financial WMDs. New regulations were forcing banks to hire independent experts to analyze their risk. I went to work for one of the companies providing that analysis, RiskMetrics Group, one block north of Wall Street. Our product was a blizzard of numbers, each of them predicting the likelihood that a certain tranche of securities or commodities would go poof within the next week, the next year, or the next five years. When everyone is betting on everything that moves in the market, a smart read on risk is worth gold. What s worse, after the model is calibrated by technical experts, it receives precious little feedback. Again, sports provide a good contrast here. Most professional basketball teams employ data geeks, who run models that analyze players by a series of metrics, including foot speed, vertical leap, free-throw percentage, and a host of other variables. When the draft comes, the Los Angeles Lakers might pass on a hotshot point guard from Duke because his assist statistics are low. Point guards have to be good passers. Yet in the following season they re dismayed to see that the rejected player goes on to win Rookie of the Year for the Utah Jazz and leads the league in assists. In such a case, the Lakers can return to their model to see what they got wrong. Maybe his college team was relying on him to score, which punished his assist numbers. Or perhaps he learned something important about passing in Utah. Whatever the case, they can work to improve their model. Don t dive into content creation blindly. Take some time to learn about your community and create a strategy. Marketers who have a plan in place are the ones who succeed. We talk more about content strategy in Book 3, Chapter 3 . Sort by the names who submitted postings to see which individuals or companies are responsible for most of the public listings.