how to offer sweepstakes for survey

Your budget If your budget is capped at say $200 for your survey project, you ll be limited to offering a pretty small incentive to each respondent or possibly using a sweepstakes option more on this below . Your target population for your survey Let s say you ve decided to go with a monetary incentive of cash and your target population is doctors for a healthcare survey Sweepstakes or Raffle If you want to offer a sweepstakes or raffle incentive in exchange for taking your survey, you have to set this up outside of SurveyMonkey. For example, after you collect all your responses, you d need to select a winner manually once you collect all your responses. A reward or incentive is a benefit you offer to participants in return for taking your survey. It could be in the form of a gift card, a discount, entry into a sweepstake or another form. Offering incentives for survey completion is a common practice, especially for questionnaires that take up a significant amount of someone s time to complete. If you have a database of respondents saved to an Excel, CSV or Text file, then you can run an instant sweepstakes. Simply import the file to the Pick A Winner app. Choose how many winners and runners-up you re going to pick. And the platform does the rest! Use the Pick A Winner app to offer incentives for all your online surveys, including … First, is their Monthly Click Draw. This is there sweepstake available to everyone, and all you have to do is take surveys as normal. So you take a survey, get paid for that survey, plus get entered into their monthly sweepstakes. There are 56 prizes they give out each month, from cash to gift cards. Next time an apostle of hard-sell questions the importance of brand images, ask him how Marlboro climbed from obscurity to become the biggest-selling cigarette in the world. Leo Burnett s cowboy campaign, started 25 years ago and continued to this day, has given the brand an image which appeals to smokers all over the world. Well crafted With a bit of practice, anyone can create compelling images for Instagram ads or not. Here s some ad-specific tips. Understanding the difference between monitoring and measuring To raise money for the United Negro College Fund, I had this letter put on every seat in the commuter trains leaving Grand Central Station for the affluent suburbs. It produced $26,000 in a single evening. The idea came from Bill Phillips, later Chairman of Ogilvy Mather. He struck me from behind before I had even taken a step. Don t walk away from me.