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Inspired by the legendary SM7B, the MV7 is a dynamic microphone with both USB and XLR outputs for use with computers and professional interfaces alike. FANTOM is a new kind of creative hub, made for rapid production and expressive performance. An extraordinary standalone groovebox for the modern producer. Paiste Signature Classic Box Cymbal Pack – 14 18 20 22 with Free 16 Crash. MSRP $2,996.00. $1,795.00. Add to Cart Compare. The Zildjian Worship Cymbal Pack features the innovative K Custom Cymbals which are both powerful and vibrant, yet dark and gentle. Interstate Music has the gear you need at prices you ll love. Guitars, Drums, Pro Audio, Keyboards, Band, Orchestra and so much more. Roto molded of rugged Linier Low Polyethylene with a welded center post, the CV24W Rolling Cymbal Vault holds as many as seven cymbals, including the latest 24 ride cymbals. The new Rolling Cymbal Vault designed with a molded-in ergonomic carrying handle, in-line skate style wheels and an extra strong pull out handle, is the perfect transport … The Zildjian A Custom Cymbal Pack features crisp, sweet, sophisticated cymbals with a modern sound. Great for a variety of drumming styles. Interstate Music has the gear you need at prices you ll love. Guitars, Drums, Pro Audio, Keyboards, Band, Orchestra and so much more. 1 Subscription-based Select a Primary Dimension option below the graph to determine which statistical sorting method will be applied first to the analysis of your social media plug-ins. In the row below that, you can select one of the two remaining sorting methods as an optional secondary dimension from the drop-down list. The definitions for these choices follow Social Entity The default setting the page URL that was shared Social Network The social media channel on which the social action occurred for example, Facebook or Pinterest Social Network and Action The social media channel and the action that occurred for example, Facebook with a like, share, or comment In addition to assessing the number of unique visitors, visits, and registered members, you may want to assess additional components of audience engagement. Sites that provide quantitative information, such as Quantcast, help you better understand your audience s behavior, learn more about their lifestyles and brand preferences, and target your message. You can learn about these concepts Affinity A statistical correlation that shows the strength of a particular user behavior, such as visiting another site, relative to that of the US Internet population as a whole for instance, whether an Instagram user is more or less likely than the general Internet population to visit YouTube Index The delivery of a specific audience segment, such as women or seniors, compared with their share of the overall Internet population Composition The relative distribution of the audience for a site by audience segment, such as gender, age, or ethnicity Addict The most loyal component of a site s audience, with 30 or more visits per month Passer-by Casual visitor who visits a site only once per month Regular A user partway between Addict and Passer-by someone who visits more than once but fewer than 30 times per month Yudkowsky agreed. If the programmers are less than overwhelmingly competent and careful about how they construct the AI then I would fully expect you to get something very alien. And here s the scary part. Just like dialing nine-tenths of my phone number correctly does not connect you to someone who is 90 percent similar to me. If you are trying to construct the AI s whole system and you get it 90 percent right, the result is not 90 percent good. Equal Credit Opportunity Act Federal Trade Commission, Your Equal Credit Opportunity Rights, FTC website, www. consumer. ftc. gov articles 0347- your- equal- credit- opportunity- rights .