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Foster Earth s collective prosperity with today s deal For $15, you get a $25 Kiva Credit, good toward funding microlending projects on All proceeds remaining from the card s discount will be funded by Groupon and supporting sponsors, up to $500,000 . Limit 100 per person. 100 of donations goes directly to Groupon will absorb all credit card processing fees. Although donations will be memorialized as a voucher in your My Groupons, there are no further actions for you to take – the donations are automatically applied. Make sure that you re entering the coupon code in the bottom right corner and not the Groupon code in the top right corner. If you re still having trouble, you can contact Kiva Customer Service at contactus I entered my Groupon code and it shows that I still owe $3.75. Kiva Cards can be delivered by snail mail, email, or printed out at home to be given out however you want. Make sure you select the correct delivery method for your gift using the form to the left. Unfortunately, it isn t possible to change the delivery method after you ve completed the purchase of your Kiva Card. The spa area of KIVA Cafe Spa offers four types of services massages, body treatments, facials, and foot-care treatments. A few of these services are especially lavish. Massage 60-minute massages employ kneading techniques to loosen tight muscles. Body treatment The nutrient-rich mud of the marine wrap helps exfoliate and detoxify the body. How to Rise above the Noise There are five ways to get your message above the noise Polarize Arouse emotions Be risqu Encourage interaction and Be unconventional Click the Ads Manager account you want to access, as shown in in Figure 3-3 . Traffic has skyrocketed for vendors specializing in home, lifestyle, apparel, food, and weddings, as users follow pins back to their source. If these are your target markets, start pinning! I could, he said again, yet he raised himself from the bed, wrapping the sheet around himself like a winding cloth, leaving me cold and exposed. I could, but I won t. Next up is Way. He sails cleanly over the gap, stomps the landing, and blazes into the quarterpipe. Then everything goes sideways. He soars twenty-two feet into the air, but drops down at a bad angle and smashes his foot on the edge of the pipe the same foot he mangled in China. The impact rebreaks the ankle, then flips Way upside down. He flies another ten feet, slams hard, bounces twice, and doesn t move. The medical staff rushes over, the air sucks out of the stadium. Atop the ramp, Burnquist buries his head in his hands.