lovers or losers giveaway real … moved to Fake Prize, Sweepstakes, and Lottery Scams. You get a call, email, or letter saying you won a sweepstakes, lottery, or prize like an iPad, a new car, or something else. But you can tell it s a scam because of what they do next they ask you to pay money or give them your account information to get the prize. If you pay, you ll lose your … With a little planning, you can turn the act of losing your giveaway into an engaging brand experience, helping you secure life-long relationships with your target audience. With that in mind, here are a few easy tips to get the most out of your giveaways and harness the full power of your losers. How to Re-engage Non Winners of Your Contest 1. Winners are losers in lottery sweepstakes scams. You get a card, call, or email telling you that you won! Maybe it s a lottery, sweepstakes, or some other prize. The person calling is excited and can t wait for you to get your winnings. But here s what happens next they tell you there s a fee, some taxes, or customs duties to pay. Fan-Cash-Tic Giveaway It s a Mommy Makeover Surprise Micah, a hardworking mom and college student, thought she was getting a Mommy Makeover. To her surprise, The Real ladies had much, much more up their sleeves. Watch as she s gifted with a much-needed $10,000! Sermo When I rolled into Atlanta, I entered the city up I-75 85 to see the skyline before me like the Promised Land. I know it s not like seeing the Empire State Building in New York or the Sears Tower in Chicago. As far as I know, Atlanta doesn t have any famous buildings. You might even say that there are no skyscrapers. Sky reachers maybe, not sky scrapers . Regardless, the city is as enchanting as my mother s face. I lifted my hands off the wheel, rolling under the I-20 bridge with my palms to the sky like a brave kid on a roller coaster. I wasn t from this city, like Celestial, but I was of it, and it was thrilling to be home. Your wealth acceleration options if you owned your own medical device company Grow net income with an income potential only limited by the number of devices you can sell, that is, 16 million. Grow asset value at a factor of 1,700 . Liquidate asset value and turn paper money into real money. Courtesy of WBR Digital Change your personal profile Work to your business page