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The Ohio General Assembly has passed a number of legislative provisions related to internet cafes, sometimes called sweepstakes establishments. It extended the moratorium on opening new establishments through June 30, 2014, and required existing establishments to file a required form by the end of June. http – Are you tired of driving by Internet Sweepstakes Cafes in Ohio and seeing the parking lot full? Have you wondered what is g… Gold Coast Sweepstakes Cafe. Internet Cafes. 216 731-1455. 207 E 228th St. Euclid, OH 44123. 5. Gameon Business Sweepstakes – CLOSED. Internet Cafes. 330 963-1312. Reopen Internet Sweepstakes Cafes in Cuyahoga County, OH. This petition had 702 supporters. Brandolyn Christmas started this petition to County Prosecutor Bill Mason and 4 others. Internet sweepstakes cafes should be allowed to remain open for the following reasons 1. They Create Jobs – In the state of Ohio, as in all other states, there is a … 6. The Palms International. Internet Cafes. 440 345-5499. 6909 W 130th St. Cleveland, OH 44130. 7. Land of The Loot Internet Cafe. Internet Cafes. Pussyfooting to the kitchen, half-naked and barefoot, I picked up the phone and said, He s waiting on the porch. Testimonials work well, as long as they come from experts in reputable companies. A testimonial from Bud Dacus impresses tugboat engineers because Bud has worked the Mississippi for 25 years longer than Mark Twain. Remember Warren Buffett s annual shareholder letters earlier in the chapter? They are pretty great, aren t they? Very down to earth, easy to read, and absolutely delightful. The world is full of financial illiterates they ve failed driver s education and don t know the rules of the road. As kids, we aren t taught money management or basic financial discipline. We re abandoned in a financial jungle swarming with predators. Many perfectly intelligent people lack rudimentary knowledge of basic financial concepts such as Interest rates Taxable and non-taxable yields Amortization of mortgages The balancing of a check book Basic percentage calculations Calculating return on investment Why stocks rise and fall Why a guaranteed 15 return on a bank CD is screaming, scam! How stock options work, such as calls and puts Why insurance exists How a mutual fund works What bonds are and how they rise and fall Global currency Larger companies may use sophisticated project management software. Some offer a free trial such as Basecamp https , Smartsheet , and ProjectLibre , while others are available as freemium proprietary solutions, such as MOOVIA https or as open source programs such as GanttProject . For more options, see http software smartsheet or alternatives 2013 17 smartsheet-alternatives . Alternatively, you can schedule tasks using spreadsheet software.