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TCGO code giveaway! Giveaway. Close. 10. Posted by 1 day ago. TCGO code giveaway! Giveaway. EDIT I m all out of codes! thanks for participating everyone, hope you got some good pulls!! I ve accumulated quite a few TCGO codes again, so I figured I d hold a giveaway! IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER r ptcgcodes This subreddit is dedicated for Pokemon TCG online code giveaways! If you want FREE codes, this is the best place to look! All content make sure you join the discord! https hTtqhFnThe Discord Giveaway includes Shiny Zyguarde GX, Dusk Wings Necrozma GX and Dawn Mane Necrozma PTCGO Code Giveaway and Request Thread Started by donavannj March 24th, 2014 8 14 PM. 93763 views 499 replies … since there occasionally happens to be a surge in people requesting TCGO codes or a surge in people giving away TCGO codes, I ve decided to create this sticky thread for the sole purpose of either posting up codes to be given away … Code giveaway. I ve got about 200 TCGO codes, mostly boosters but some tins, like Hidden Fates and some GX boxes, I know SwSh is the cool thing but I would like to donate these to the community as I don t play! I m thinking I will do a 10 code limit so 20 people get 10 codes, and if there s interest I will create a sheet of what I ve got … Jobbing University If you can, read during work downtimes. During my dead job employment driving limos, pizza delivery I enjoyed significant wait times between jobs. While I waited for passengers, pizzas, and flower orders, I read. I didn t sit around playing pocket-poker no, I read. If you can exploit dead time during your job, you are getting paid to learn. Dead-end jobs transformed to education. Follow the Money! Unfortunately, the word law is loosely tossed around to represent concepts that aren t really laws. The Law of Attraction isn t a law but a theory. The word law is absolute. It works 100 of the time. When you drop a watermelon from your tenth-floor dorm window, the Law of Gravity takes over-the watermelon falls to the ground every single time. The outcome is a 100 certainty. While their commercials are often extremely competitive, they do not spend their money naming competing brands. They refer to the other leading detergent . What price should you charge for your product? This is one of the most important questions which confront marketers, but, as far as I know, research cannot answer it. Your son,