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VICI, 4 locations located in Wisconsin, is home to a full service salon and spa, beauty school, and internet caf . VICI offers many services, including spa, salon, nails, makeup, facials, waxing, body treatments, and massages. VICI BEAUTY SCHOOL. Whether your dream is to be a hair stylist or makeup artist, your journey begins at VICI Beauty School! If you have a unique perspective, a creative streak, love working with people and you re passionate about hair and makeup, you won t want to miss our cosmetology school programs. Professional services at discounted prices. All services are performed by students, supervised by licensed instructors. Our student salon is top notch, with a fun culture and tons of creative energy. Put it to the test today and then decide what you ll do with all the money you ll save. Looking fabulous has never been so affordable! VICI Beauty School is a Pivot Point member school and proudly uses their innovative L.A.B., Learn About Beauty, curriculum in our school. LAB is a ground-breaking integrated social learning environment, built specifically for you and the beauty industry. You are part of a new generation not defined by age. VICI Beauty School is the place to be! With plenty of well-lit parking, and our affordable student pricing, your stress will continue to fade away as you take a deep breath and head back to reality. Feel free to stop for a delicious coffee before or after your service at VICI Beans Caf . Six giants who invented modern advertising That day was like any other day I sought ice cream. I plotted the flavor of my next indulgence and headed toward the ice cream parlor. When I arrived, there it was. I was face to face with my dream car a Lamborghini Countach famous from the 80s hit movie Cannonball Run. Parked stoically like an omnipotent king, I gazed upon it like a worshiper beholden to its God. Awestruck, any thoughts of ice cream were banished from my brain. In most cases, these metrics become some of the KPIs on your list Traffic visits The overall measure of the number of visits not visitors made to your site or to a particular social media presence over a set period. Facebook see Figure 6-1 offers page administrators traffic data in its free analytics at insights you must be logged in . Google Social Analytics enables you to compare traffic from different social media sources, as we discuss in Chapter 1 of this minibook. Unique users The number of different users or, more specifically, IP addresses who visited. Depending on your business model, you may want to know whether you have ten visits apiece from 100 ardent fans multiple repeat users or 1,000 users, each of whom drops in once. This type of detail is available for some, but not all, social media services. Keywords The list of search terms or tags used to find a particular web posting. Phrases are often more useful than individual words. This automatic feedback is another reason extreme athletes have found flow so frequently, but what if we re interested in pulling this trigger without help from the laws of physics? No mystery here. Tighten feedback loops. Put mechanisms in place so attention doesn t have to wander. Ask for more input. How much input? Well, forget quarterly reviews. Think daily reviews. Studies have found that in professions with less direct feedback loops stock analysis, psychiatry, and medicine even the best get worse over time. Surgeons, by contrast, are the only class of physician that improve the longer they re out of medical school. Why? Mess up on the table and someone dies. That s immediate feedback. Here are a few features and plug-ins to look into Pin It Available from Pinterest at http about goodies , the Pin It button enables you to embed code on your blog or website so that others can pin your content. Pin It is available for WordPress blogs and even Flickr so that you can share your photos with others. Pinterest Follow button You can add this button to your blog or website. Grab the code at https tools widget-builder ?type follow and paste the code where you feel it will do the most good. Most people like pasting the code into their right sidebars at eye level. Share buttons should never be difficult to find. Image Sharer This WordPress plug-in, at https app image-sharer , enables the user to share visual content on Pinterest, Instagram, and elsewhere. ShareThis Another plug-in that enables social share buttons. When you activate this plug-in, share buttons appear at the top or bottom of the page. You can find it at https plugins share-this .