what are your chances of winning a sweepstakes

Some sweepstakes have an astonishingly low number of entries. When you have a 1 in 50 chance of winning as opposed to a 1 in 50,000, your odds are obviously much better. So how can you tell which sweepstakes have a lower-than-average number of entries? Say there are 100 sweepstakes that are entered. You will have a higher chance of getting one if you have 36 than 35 or 1 or anything below that. So even though the cnances are slim, every sweepstake counts. If a sweepstakes sponsor is only offering one grand prize, your chances of winning will be less than if they offered more than one grand prize, or if they are offering several first prizes. Obviously, the more prizes a company is offering, the better chance you have of winning. The more prizes being given away, the better your odds are of winning. In other words, with all other factors being equal, a giveaway with two prizes has two times better odds than giveaways with one. Some sweepstakes give away tens of thousands of prizes, and your chances of walking away with one of them are sky-high. Although odds of winning are determined by how many entries a sweepstakes receives, one expert says the average PCH entry has about a 1 in 505 million chance of winning. The expert adds if you do… So let s return to Strug s final vault. Imagine a similar set of circumstances with a few key differences. Instead of a bad sprain, the ankle is shattered. Fractured into pieces. The foot is the size of a cabbage and the knee isn t working quite right. Instead of having to weigh an injured joint and stumble fifty feet to the start of the runway, imagine having to climb ten long flights of stairs on a broken bone. The pain is agonizing, but the view from the top even worse. The launch pad is a wobbly platform a couple hundred feet off the ground. No safety nets either, so any fall could be fatal. For example, in Figure 3-3 , Quantcast estimates other interests of visitors to Goodreads www.goodreads.com based on their browsing behavior under the General Interests option. This data is available only for quantified sites that is, sites for which the site owners have verified the data. A check mark to the right of the name of the site indicates that it is quantified otherwise you see the label not quantified. It will be his only one. Cost per thousand CPM impressions, one of the most consistently used metrics in advertising, work across all forms of media. CPM is based on the number of times an ad is viewed, whether it s calculated for ads on TV, billboards, or in print magazines received as dedicated emails or viewed on web pages. Note Here are two more soft-sell Facebook Page promotion opportunities add the URL to your Facebook Page under the Website area of the Contact Info section of your personal Facebook profile. In addition, add your personal profile as a Featured Page owner on your Facebook Page. When you add a featured page owner, your personal information will be displayed in the About section of the Page and the Page will be shown on your personal profile.