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Artists Network Competitions focus on a wide range of media, subjects and styles oil, acrylic, drawing, pastel, watercolor, animals, people, abstracts, still life, landscapes and more. Enter any of our fine art contests to get published in our magazines and noticed by art enthusiasts around the world. You can also win cash prizes and merchandise. Pastel Journal Summer 2021 Digital Edition $ 8.99. Members get 30 off! $8.99 $6.29. Connect with us artistsnetwork. We love a good travel journal! Swipe through to see Brenda Swenson s illustrated journals from her artful adventures! Learn more, including her sketch supplies, at the link in bio. brenda swenson ArtistsOnInstagram … The Holiday Sweepstakes Is Here! A palette from New Wave Art is today s prize. The holidays are always a special time, but we are here to make them extra special for artists with the Artists Network Annual Holiday Sweepstakes! It s 17 days of prizes from the leading providers of art supplies and services, and all you do is enter the sweepstakes … http sweepstakes win a $500 Blick Art Materials gift certificate or various daily prizes. To celebrate World Watercolor Month and the winners of Artists Network s competition Splash 21, Artists Network has teamed up with Blick Art Materials to offer a daily giveaway for a Blick gift card and a free digital copy of Splash 21 The Best of Watercolor a special issue devoted to showcasing the work of the winning watercolor artists … And what about the person who is misunderstood and placed in the wrong bucket? That happens. And there s no feedback to set the system straight. A statistics-crunching engine has no way to learn that it dispatched a valuable potential customer to call center hell. Worse, losers in the unregulated e-score universe have little recourse to complain, much less correct the system s error. In the realm of WMDs, they re collateral damage. And since the whole murky system grinds away in distant server farms, they rarely find out about it. Most of them probably conclude, with reason, that life is simply unfair. The decoders had data to work with intercepted messages that had been broken by hand, or by electrical decoding machines, called Bombes. They called these messages kisses. Like I. J. Good, Turing was a devoted Bayesian, at a time when the statistical method was seen as a kind of witchcraft. The heart of the method, the Bayes theorem, describes how to use data to infer probabilities of unknown events, in this case, the Enigma s settings. The kisses were the data that allowed the decoders to determine which settings were highly improbable, so that the code-breaking efforts could be focused more efficiently. Of course, the codes changed almost daily, so work at Bletchley Park was a constant race. Show off product features in images or infographics 4 They have little or no system for retrieving research which has already been conducted. Reports are read, sometimes acted on, and filed. Two years later the researcher, the account executive, the copywriter and the brand manager have moved to fresh pastures. Even if somebody remembers that the research was done, nobody can find it. So we re-invent the wheel, year after year. This is painful to ask, but if we had more faith, would things have worked out differently? What if it was a test? What if we kept the baby? I could have made it home in time to see him crown into the world, innocent and bald-headed. This whole ordeal would just be a story we would tell him when he was older, to teach him how to be careful as a black man in these United States. When we decided to have the abortion, it was like we were accepting that things weren t going to work out in the courtroom. And when we gave up, God gave up on us, too. Not that He ever gives up, but you know what I mean.