can i buy an audible gift card

You can gift Audible to anyone, even if they re already a member. 12 months 12 credits the Plus Catalog $150.00 save $30 An Audible gift membership is the perfect gift for both Audible enthusiasts as well as those who have not yet discovered the joy of audiobooks. You can choose between 1, 3, 6, and 12-month plans. I love this gift card! 3 months of audible makes for a great gift. The best part is for many who use audible it was something they where going to buy anyways, and they get to choose 3 books and think of you while listening to them. This is an amazing gift, one I am always excited to receive! I would recommend this to a friend Amazon will send your gift recipient an email on the day you choose along with redemption instructions, or allow you to print and give it directly based on the option you select. The gift recipient can start their Audible Premium Plus membership right away. Current Audible members will receive all credits from a redeemed gift membership at once. When crafting your story, resist the temptation to overcomplicate. Keep your customer communications and storylines simple, regardless of the channel. Design key messages, quotes, or statements within your story to stand out and be shareable. With this approach, not only will your stories be easier to understand, they will be more memorable. Fifty years ago perhaps the single most profitable player in the book publishing world was the Book of the Month Club. Why were they so profitable? Because they had permission to choose a book and send it, with an invoice, to millions and millions of people. The club was similar to the book clubs you see today, except there were fewer choices and the vast majority of recipients accepted the selected book. The book selection committee was composed of well-known literati, and it was considered an honor to be on their board. The public basically gave them wide-ranging permission to choose and then ship whatever book they chose. Ashlyn Gardner loves the arts and literature. Following the prophetic advice of gurus, she sets off to do what she loves -she opens a coffee shop featuring art of local artisans and hosts weekly literature readings. Like a new love relationship, her new business starts with a bang and is the source of excitement and eagerness. Singularity has become a very popular word to throw around, even though it has several definitions that are often used interchangeably. Accomplished inventor, author, and Singularity pitchman Ray Kurzweil defines the Singularity as a singular period in time beginning around the year 2045 after which the pace of technological change will irreversibly transform human life. Most intelligence will be computer-based, and trillions of times more powerful than today. The Singularity will jump-start a new era in mankind s history in which most of our problems, such as hunger, disease, even mortality, will be solved.