event cinemas gift card faq

PRODUCT FAQ . Where can gift cards be used? Event Cinemas gift cards can be used at Event Cinemas, BCC, GU Film House, Greater Union, Moonlight Cinemas and Skyline Drive-In Blacktown locations across Australia. Can gift cards be used more than once? Yes. Movie Money vouchers are not valid for IMAX, 3D, Gold Class, Cinema Deluxe, Movie Marathons, and special events or in conjunction with any special promotional screenings. Gift Cards can be used at any session at all EVENT and Rialto Cinemas Newmarket and Dunedin . Event Cinemas, BCC, GU Film House or Greater Union may subject gift cards to verification and security checks in its absolute discretion. – Event Cinemas, BCC, GU Film House or Greater Union reserves the right to cancel any Movie Gift Card, or the Movie Gift Card scheme, for any reason at any time without notice. How to book online using a Gift Card Booking online with your Gift Card is easy. You can add your Gift Card balance to your order at either the Tickets or Payment page during the booking process, using the appropriate fields to enter your card barcode number and PIN. Event Cinemas Reopening FAQs GIFT CARDS VOUCHERS What is the new expiry date for my Cinebuzz points? We have extended the expiry of Cinebuzz points. Any points that were due to expire between 23 March 2020 and 30 September 2020 will now expire on 31 October 2020. He knew she wasn t going to catch him. I knew she wasn t going to catch him. As a sensible man, I m not one to chase wild geese, but I had to keep running as long as she did. How would it look if I hung back while my date chased a criminal? So I kept pushing, even though I was struggling to breathe. A man does what he has to do. Track your progress Pinterest is a social network based on images. Users upload photos called pins to create boards, or groups of images centered on a common theme. Members of the Pinterest community use Pinterest for different reasons. Some just like to share pretty photos or recipes, and others share images in hopes that those viewing the photos will click through and drive traffic to their blogs or website. Because it s a visual site, it s perfect for product-based retailers who are hoping to drive sales. Sure, go ahead! I replied. With low viewer attention spans and YouTube making it so easy for them to click away to someone else s content, it is crucial to use the opening seconds of your video to hook viewers in and keep them watching your recordings until the end. This portion of your video only needs to be a few seconds long, but its effectiveness can pay dividends towards watch time and viewer engagement. Examples include