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Top 5 Instagram Contest Picker Apps. Undoubtedly, Instagram giveaway contests help you a lot with growing on Instagram, increasing the engagement rate, and also increasing the awareness about your Instagram page and business.However, it is obvious that if thousands of people enter your contest, it will become so hard to find the winner and check all the conditions manually for each user! Contains Ads. Add to Wishlist. It is a very friendly and simple tool that helps to quickly select a winner of a contest that is taking place on Instagram, through the comments in the photo that you select. the profile must be public Simply enter the URL of the post, and the app retrieves all comments. You also have several filters in the … Easy Giveaway offers the safest and easiest way to pick your giveaway winners! All you need to do is to paste the link of your instagram giveaway and decide how many winners substitutes you want. The rest will be taken care by the app! To share the winners substitutes with your audience, you ca Just copy the desired post link from the Instagram, apply the rules like number of required tags, enter the number of winners and substitutes. TRANSPARENT GIVEAWAYS If you want app will automatically record the giveaway session for you to share it with your followers. FREE Giveaway Picker is free for you to try. In college, my friend Markus Tekel was quite the ambitious entrepreneur. And Markus, if you re reading this, I apologize for the call out. But what the hell were you thinking? Markus would get involved in a different business every week. One week it was some moronic MLM program, the next it was some turnkey ad scheme found in the back of an entrepreneur magazine, and the next it was some classified ad program. Different week, different opportunity. My friends eventually coined this opportunity-hopping neurosis the Tekel Syndrome. A book publisher that uses Interruption Marketing sells children s books by shipping them to bookstores, hoping that the right audience will stumble across them. A Permission Marketer builds book clubs at every school in the country. When you re working out how to use your content to drive traffic, consider the following Guest blog posts Your content doesn t have to be only on your own pages or platforms. You can also consider writing a guest blog post for another blog. There are great benefits to guest blogging, including backlinks and creating brand visibility. Target the most influential blogs in your niche and read several posts before pitching to make sure you re a good fit. If you think that blogger s audience can benefit from your expertise, send the blogger a note describing the post you d like to write and asking if he or she is interested. We talk in depth about guest blogging in Book 3, Chapter 2 . Viral videos If you create a great video, others might want to share it on the social networks. You don t have to make a video that s a big sales pitch, but do put your company s information at the end of the video and link to your website or sales page in the video page s description. The interesting thing about viral videos is that if everyone is sharing it, they ll mention your name. Hey, check out this funny video from XYZ brand. How-to content People are always searching online to learn how to do things. If you create useful how-to content that includes descriptive steps to complete a certain task, people will find it online via the search engines and land on your website. If it s truly useful, they may even stick around and read a few more pages or see what you have to sell. Lists List blog posts come in many shapes and sizes, and they serve a variety of purposes. You can create a list of influential professionals in your niche or list steps to achieving a specific goal. You can even create funny lists such as those at BuzzFeed. The beauty of the list post is how it gets shared. If people enjoy your list or find it useful, it has the potential to go viral, which can lead to a lot of traffic and backlinks. Calls to action If you want to get people to take a specific action, lead them there with a call to action CTA . For example, if you re posting a link to your content on Facebook, give a call to action such as, To learn more about building treehouses, see over 150 plans with step-by-step instructions for each at our website. Optimized content, including photos Use your keywords to attract search engines. Don t make the words repetitious and annoying, but do insert keywords and key phrases as needed. Save photos with keywords as well, so that you can bring in traffic from users searching images online. Social networks Sharing links to your content with a brief call to action will send traffic from Facebook, Twitter, and all the social networks you use to share with your community. Easy sharing Using share buttons on all your content will inspire others to post your content to their Facebook news feeds or Twitter streams, or to email that content to friends who might have an interest. Relationships with influential people Use your content to build relationships. For example, profile or interview influential people on your blog. They ll share that content in return, possibly bringing in a few new sales. Moneyball Michael Lewis, Moneyball The Art of Winning an Unfair Game New York W. W. Norton, 2003 . Get Rich Quick is such an abused phrase that it has no credibility. Beaten and battered, we re numbed to believe it doesn t exist. Like Santa or a unicorn, we re advised, Get rich quick is a scam!