how to promote sweepstakes offers on facebook

With a Facebook application, you can create your own contest or sweepstakes promotional page and publish it to Facebook. A subscription to an app gets you access to some simple tools to enter your contest details, upload your images, publish to a professional-looking page or tab in Facebook-speak and run your promotion. How to promote Maxbounty Sweepstakes offer on Facebook ads Facebook ads Sweepstakes offersIn this video you can setup facebbok ads for maxbounty sweepstake… The most effective way to run a contest on Facebook is by using a 3rd party app such as Gleam. When you run a Facebook contest with a 3rd party app you can host the contest on your own website and use Facebook to promote the campaign and drive traffic towards it. Running Facebook Ads is easy. If you really dig in you can reach incredibly targeted niche demographics, making it a perfect channel and strategy for running CPA sweepstakes campaigns. One final pro tip If it doesn t dilute your audience reach too much, add more targets such as interests in giveaways , sweepstakes and contests . Easypromos provides a Facebook Sweepstakes application which can be used to carry out a sweepstakes among all users who comment on or like a post on your Facebook Page. For this reason, the first thing you should do is write a post and publish it on your page to announce the sweepstakes, explain how it works and reveal the prize.Once this has been published you can access the Easypromos … 2. Use the search function to find the most engaging content on a given topic. For example, say the social media manager for a rainwear company is making the rounds on Twitter. While looking at the different conversations, she notices someone asking what the weather will be like. This is a great opening for a raingear company. The social media manager can respond with a weather report. If there s room, she can also tweet, I know where you can get a great raincoat if you need one! Here s another example A company selling cold-weather gear notices a certain area is going to receive a significant amount of snow. The social media manager can send a tweet reminding people snow is coming and offer a discount code for snow boots. You got to remember how to consider about other people. Selling by helping Authenticity There s a real person behind this post, too. You can tell because when one fan suggested Justin Bieber as his preferred seatmate, Amtrak replied with But where would Selena Gomez go? With one sentence, Amtrak reveals that its employees are our contemporaries, people just like us, with their fingers on the pop culture pulse, a sense of humor, and a real interest in their customers.