how to run a legal sweepstakes

Run a Contest or Sweepstakes With Gleam If you re ready to run your own sweepstakes or contest then you should take a look at Gleam s Competitions app. It allows you to easily create and administer your own powerful sweepstakes or contest that will drive the actions that matter most to you. Use This Template With Gleam Giveaway campaigns are a very popular marketing tool, and when run properly and adhere to state and federal regulations, are fully legal. Every entrant into a giveaway opts-in to a set of Official Rules which should state that they are agreeing to have their email shared amongst the sponsors of the giveaway as a condition of entering to win. We just told you that you can t run a sweepstakes that includes consideration. There is a workaround by offering an alternative method of entry AMOE , sometimes referred to as the free entry. An example of an AMOE is a mail-in entry to make the sweepstakes legal. Here s what you need to know about an AMOE When planning to run a sweepstakes, we at Realtime Media suggest gathering the proper legal administration team to ensure 100 compliance before your promotion goes live. That s why we offer an expert, full-service team that will handle every step of this guidance. Legal compliance Depending on the value of what you re giving away, the location s in which the promotion is available and overall entrant eligibility, there is a long list of issues to run through before you launch your campaign. For example, high-value prize packages require registration and bonding in some states. The second issue here is whether flow can be controlled. Doubtful. In technological terms, a disruptive technology is any innovation that creates a new market and new values and eventually displaces an old market and older values. Cars replacing horse-drawn carriages is the classic example. Flow is also a very disruptive technology. Unlike the automobile, it s not a disruptive external technology, but a disruptive internal technology, operating in the psychological rather than the physical world. This does not make it any less potent. The athletes in this book harnessed the state to displace traditional markets today, top jocks are just as likely to skateboard as play football , alter our value system our societal tolerance for and reward of high-risk behavior has seriously increased , and reshape culture a $750 billion lifestyle industry . Thus the rub Flow, like all technologies, remains morally neutral. It can be used for good or ill or both at the same time. TABLE 4-4 Sources for Social Share Buttons What s the point of sharing all your wonderful stories if no one is around to view them? Snapchat doesn t have a public feed. You share either with individuals or with everyone who follows your account. And your snaps can t be viewed by someone who doesn t have the Snapchat app and whom you haven t approved. Although Black uses Google Analytics to monitor a pay-per-click AdWords campaign for the restaurant business, she doesn t actively monitor social statistics. While she occasionally does a Facebook ad campaign to promote a specific sweepstakes or event, Black has spent less than $500 total on Facebook-sponsored posts.