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Pig shaped magnets and custom printed pig flashlights are on sale this quarter, with a free second color imprint. For full color graphic needs, be sure to check out our light up pig key tag and light up pig logo pen. Most of our imprinted pig promo ideas are available with rush service. Keep checking back to the website as I will be uploading new designs daily. Please, Please, Please, Share, Share and Share! and don t forget to like my page to be updated for my Monthly giveaway Competitions, updates and Promotions.. A huge Thank You and Merry Christmas! 8 Designs, 16 Cards, 100 Lucky Winners. 8 Designs, 16 Cards, 100 Winners. Enter below for the chance to win an exclusive Zen Pig Valentine Card Pack! This Giveaway Has Ended … PIG – Perfect Inspirational Giveaway. 771 likes. Welcome to our page! We are selling ready-made and customized shirts for all occasions. Feel free to message us for inquiries and orders. Mini Pig Designs, Greeley, Colorado. 977 likes 3 were here. Hello, I m Stephanie. I am a Small Business owner that loves to create and personalize items. These items make great gifts that you won t… A corporate leader does not have to persuade his workers to follow him. There is a hierarchy in a corporation, and he drives his policies through the organization. His job is to satisfy his customers and his shareholders. A political leader, however, must paint his vision of their future to his people, then translate that vision into policies which he must convince the people are worth supporting, and finally galvanize them to help him in their implementation. 10 3 The Danger of Your Home With your Pinterest profile page looking great, let s dive into the marketing and content strategies that will help you to exploit every opportunity that the platform has to offer. So fairness isn t calculated into WMDs. And the result is massive, industrial production of unfairness . If you think of a WMD as a factory, unfairness is the black stuff belching out of the smoke stacks. It s an emission, a toxic one. Teahupoo sits a quarter mile off the southwestern coast of Tahiti. It is not a cold-water wave like California s Maverick s, nor a tall wave like Hawaii s Jaws. Instead of exploding vertically, Teahupoo detonates laterally, producing a barrel that has accurately been compared to the Lincoln Tunnel. It is also the heaviest wave in the world the most mass, the most power, the most ferocity but unlike other famous big-wave destinations Jaws, Waimea Bay, Maverick s , Teahupoo breaks in incredibly shallow water. Less than three feet below the surface of the water sits a razor-sharp coral reef. Surf legend Laird Hamilton summed up the issue nicely Jaws is all about the hold down, Teahupoo is all about the bounce.