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The Bot Shots Battle Game! is an online browser-based flash game released in 2012 to tie in with the Bot Shots toy line. It includes both single and two-person battles involving rock paper scissors style game play. Codes included with Bot Shots toys can be used to unlock new game play options and purchase virtual Bot Shots to play with. The codes give players Energon Cubes that can be spent in the online game store to buy Power Ups, Avatar Extras, and Bot Shots for use to battle within the online game. BotConn Hasbro Toy Shop Promo Code. by BaCon on June 30, 2007. is offering a 10 discount on their store with a special BotCon coupon. If you are shopping with them between now … Transformers Bot Shots. Fight another battle against Decepticons, collect Energon and earn experience in exciting game of Bot Shots. This is a paper, rock, scissors like game where you match two symbols and then match that against the opponents. Who has the stronger symbol gets to hit the other one. THE HERO BOT. Selected to become a Rescue Bots trainee by none other than Optimus Prime himself, Hot Shot is the hero of the Transformers Rescue Bots Academy. The least experienced of all the bots, this highly competitive bot is determined to prove his worth. HOT SHOT Contents Resolve the issue. Don t just say you ll fix it, actually do it. If you don t know how to fix it, find someone within your company who does that s what the process team flowcharts are for . Be prepared. You don t want no woman that brandished a firearm, son. On your bed are some essentials. Tomorrow you can go to Walmart and get whatever else you need. Right here, Big Roy said. You know I cut hair when I was in the army. I always keep my barber papers current. Worse come to worse, you can always make money cutting heads. The principal sources of my information are the factor analyses which I commission from Gallup and Robinson, the Starch Readership Service, the results of direct response tests, and my own observation.